Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Plum Krazy's Too

Dancers crowd the floor at Plum Krazy's Too in Kernersville.

Quentin Richardson

Quentin Richardson is an Iraq War veteran we did a story on. There was a church around the corner from his house that had flags out front in honor of Veterans Day, so we went over there and took this picture.

Southbound 49

Adam West (left) and Heath Wilson of Southbound 49 perform at Plum Krazy's Too in Kernersville.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jay at work

Jay is a self-employed housepainter. I took this one using a bounced flash.

Jay Ovittore

Democratic Party congressional candidate Jay Ovittore (right) is running against Rep. Howard Coble. Here he is in Burlington about to speak to the Senior Democrats of Alamance County. Yes!Weekly reporter Jordan Green (with his back to the camera) followed Jay around for a day.

Gary Koonce again

Here's another picture I took of Greensboro folk singer Gary Koonce at the arboretum. I think it looks like a 1960s album cover. You can check out Gary's music at

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New council member

Zack Matheny, candidate for Greensboro City Council District 3, watches the election returns at the Old Guilford County Courthouse Tuesday night. Matheny defeated his opponent Joe Wilson.

New Mayor

Greensboro City Council member and Mayor Pro-Tem Yvonne Johnson became the city's first African-American mayor-elect Tuesday after defeating Greensboro businessman Milton Kern.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hammerin' Hank

Here's baseball great Hank Aaron at the groundbreaking for the Winston-Salem Warthogs' new stadium.


Here's Stu!, one of the MCs in Endless Mic. I took this using a Nikon D100 and Quantaray 70-300mm telephoto lens @ 1/15sec with a flash from the back of the club. F stop was F/8.

Endless Mic

Endless Mic, a Chapel Hill hip hop group, performed at Greene Street in Greensboro Sunday. The rock band/rap group in an alley is a cliche, but when you've only got a few minutes before they go on stage, it's the best you can do.